Quilt History

The history of quilts is quite fascinating. From time to time, we will post some of it here.

The first quilts we know of are from ancient Egypt and China and into Europe in the Middle Ages. Quilting was likely brought to Europe by the Crusaders and used mostly for clothing, in order to keep warm. In the 17th century, quilted clothing became popular in France and England, too.

It is known that in the late 1300’s in Italy, quilted wall hangings were made. These and tapestries were placed on walls for warmth and to block out drafts. During the 17th Century in France, quilted clothing became popular. In the 18th Century, it was popular in England as well. Around that time, quilted bedding and bed draperies were also made for both warmth and decoration.

The poor couldn’t afford wool or cotton to use as batting, so they used feathers, straw, leaves and even paper instead. Quilts were mainly wholecloth during those times. The three layers were often held together with beautiful stitching designs.

Later, when immigrants began coming to America, they brought the tradition of quilting with them.

Here are closeups of some of our wholecloth quilts available for purchase at Quilts for Sale.

Be sure to click on them to view larger versions.

Garden Bouquet by Trudy Archer

Garden Bouquet by Trudy Archer

This is an example of a wholecloth quilt with some applique added.

Blue Blossom by Selina Kuyp

Blue Blossom by Selina Kuyp

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