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Sold! – Summer Solstice from Dragonfly Summer

August 17th, 2017 No comments

  Summer Solstice from Dragonfly Summer by quilter Deborah Rubles has just sold! Click on the quilt photo to visit her web pages and view her other quilts. You will especially love her Bench Pillows as well as all the rest! Share This

Sold! – Snowman Bench Pillow

May 19th, 2017 No comments

  Debra Rubles has sold another of her enchanting bench pillows! This one with a delightful snowman and birds. Be sure to click on its photo to see what else she has waiting for you – some of which are on sale just now! Share This

Sold! – Welcome Spring Pillow

May 15th, 2017 No comments

  Deborah Rubles’ very appealing Welcome Spring Pillow has just sold. You will want to click on its photo below to visit her web pages and choose an item for yourself!  Why? Because her quilts are all on sale right now! Go ahead and click. You’ll want to see them! Share This

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On Sale! – Quilts by Deborah Rubles

May 11th, 2017 No comments

  Nine of Deborah Rubles’ quilts are on sale right now, but only for a limited time! Here are just 2 examples of her quilted treasures at bargain prices. Click on either one to visit her web pages and view the others. Don’t miss this opportunity to get them for less! Share This

New Pillow! – Welcome Spring

May 24th, 2016 No comments

  Deborah Rubles’ newest quilted item is her Welcome Spring Pillow. Isn’t it just the perfect, delightful smile-maker, decorative item, and pleasurable, comfy resting place? To own it or to give it as a gift, click on its photo for prices, closeups, and all of the details! Share This