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Deborah Rubles has been selling her quilts and quilted items here on Quilts for Sale for about 5 years now. Last September, I wrote a review of her tremendously useful book, Quilters’ Cutting Guide.

Today, I want to tell you again about 2 of her quilt tools that I wouldn’t be without! You won’t want to be either! They are her Ruler Holders and her Protective Guards.

These wonderful Ruler Holders are made of wood by Deborah’s very skilled husband. I am the proud owner of one of the large versions seen on the left below. I absolutely love it! All my rulers, which used to be stored in box and not easily accessed, all fit perfectly on this one. They are easy to see and reach for whenever one is needed and just as quick and easy to replace!

Ruler Holders from Deborah Rubles

Ruler Holders from Deborah Rubles 

Here is a photo of mine. Unfortunately, my camera refused to take a good one. With flash both on and off, there was too much glare, but you will get the idea.

My Rulers in the Large Size Ruler Holder

My Rulers in the Large Size Ruler Holder

Since taking this photo I have inserted more of my rulers for a total of 10 in various shapes and sizes stored on it. Each of them also has Deborah’s Protective Guards attached.

Not all ruler holders are made equal. Deborah’s have slots which are wide enough for rulers to slip in and be held in place easily. They are also spaced well enough apart to accommodate both the rulers and the protective guards attached to them. Although the guards aren’t easily seen in my photo above, each ruler has one and you can see how perfectly straight they are held without crowding and how well-spaced they are.

Deborah has kindly allowed me to use her photos here, which I appreciate since mine haven’t turned out well at all. Thank you, Deborah!

Protective Guards from Deborah Rubles

Protective Guards from Deborah Rubles – These also come in 5 and 6 inch sizes – all the sizes need to fit most rulers.

Longest Protective Guard on a 15" Ruler

Protective Guard on a 15″ Ruler

These guards are perfectly clear and easy to see through. They do not obscure the rulers’ lines. The brown strips you see in the photo  are peeled away in order to fasten the Protective Guards to your ruler. They attach well, which adds an extra bonus. They make picking up and moving our rulers very easy as we cut! That’s because we can pick them up and hold them by these Protective Guards instead of fumbling to grasp them. The 5 size choices make them usable on most ruler sizes. 

Another benefit – if you are teaching young ones to sew and quilt, they can learn to use a rotary cutter safely because their hands (and ours too of course) are placed on the left side of the guard (or the right side if you are left-handed) out of harm’s way. This is so much easier than taking protective gloves on and off –  something that young ones do
not seem to enjoy doing and are not as confident using. So much safer!

Win a Free Copy of Quilters’ Cutting Guide: The Sliding Ruler Method by Deborah Rubles!

How to Win:

      1. Visit Deborah Rubles’ Quilters’ Cutting Guide website.
      2. Comment here on which 2 of her videos you liked best and why.
      3. Give me your reason for hoping to win this special, helpful book.
      4. On a date which is considered unlucky by some, but may prove to be lucky for you –  Friday the 13th, 2018 – I will assign a number to each comment, then use a computer-random-number generator to choose our winner and announce his/her name here.  (Friday the 13th was  certainly a lucky number for me as my husband was born on Friday the 13th!)

Good luck!

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  1. July 8th, 2018 at 08:43 | #1

    Glad you find the Protective Guards as usefual and handy as I do, Deb!
    Thank you for leaving your comment and good luck on Friday’s draw!

  2. Deb Doherty
    July 8th, 2018 at 07:00 | #2

    I watched several videos – a couple on the protective ruler guard which I have a few of them already and love! It’s always fun to learn new “tricks”, which I did while watching the Quilter’s Cutting Guide Promo video. One thing I do not use often, but will try, is my square ruler to cut fabric (other than squaring up blocks). I think the book would be very helpful!