Protective Guards & Ruler Holders – Great for Quilters!

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Deborah Rubles of Quilters’ Cutting Guide offers 2 wonderful tools for quilters – her Protective Guides and her Ruler Holders!

Both are truly quality items! Now that I’ve tried them, I wouldn’t be without the Protective Guides or the Ruler Holder! They adhere nicely and easily to our rulers. They protect our hands when using our rotary cutters and will work for both left and right-handed quilters. They are clear so see-through, therefore there is no obscuring of ruler lines. They come in several sizes and make picking up our rulers easy, too. You can see mine, below. – The brown areas are the adhesive strips waiting to be removed. I tried taking photos of them actually on my rulers but get too much glare, unfortunately.

Protective Guards at Quilter's Cutting Edge

Protective Guards at Quilters’ Cutting Guide

The stands are beautifully crafted! They are perfect for holding my rulers (and yours) and come in several sizes. Mine is the largest. I found it difficult to take good photos because of light glare on the plastic, but this will give you an idea. Also because of the glare, it’s hard to see any of the protective guards on them. However, if you will click on either image or the following link you will be taken to the Quilters’ Cutting Guide website where you can learn more about these handy, useful tools and others, too.

        Ruler Holders at Quilters’ Cutting Guide

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