Reduced Price! – Grandmother’s Fan

Introducing Reduced Prices!
In its 11 years selling quilts, Quilts for Sale has rarely offered reduced prices. Instead, we have held sales with time limits.

Most of our quilts are made by our quilters. However, we also represent non-quilters who have won or inherited quilts, and either can’t possibly use them all or have no need of them.

There are also many times and reasons when our quilters need to sell a quilt or quilted item more quickly, too.

So, for the first time, and in future from time to time, we have begun to offer Reduced Prices on some of our quilts. These Reduced Prices offer absolutely tremendous savings!

Our first Reduced-Price Quilt was made by Jay Sirovey and inherited by her son Roger.

Jay’s beautiful, Grandmother’s Fan quilt was originally listed for the well-deserved price of $1,204.50 US. Now, it can be yours for only $699 US!¬† What a tremendous bargain!

Grandmother’s Fan is a traditional quilt pattern and beautifully made and hand-quilted by Jay Sirovey. It will fit a full/double size bed – though you should always check the quilt’s measurements against your bed’s measurements to be sure the fit will suit your specific needs.

Click on the Grandmother’s Fan photo below, to learn more about it. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this jewel of a quilt!

Grandmother's Fan by Jay Sirovey

Grandmother’s Fan by Jay Sirovey

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