New! – Summer Garden

May 3rd, 2016 No comments

Although spring is barely here in many places, thoughts of summer and how much we look forward to it, are already in mind.

Tina Bridges has just added a quilt with a matching theme – Summer Garden – which is filled with blooms. It will most definitely be a cheery addition to wherever it is displayed and used!

Be sure to click on its photo below for closeups and details!

Summer Garden by Tina Bridges

Summer Garden by Tina Bridges

On Sale! – Quilts by Ruth Klassen

May 2nd, 2016 No comments

Ruth Klassen has already sold 7 of her quilts. Now, some of those remaining are on sale for Spring. They are: Kaleidoscope, Leftovers, Lewis and Clark Exposition, Paisley.

Below, just one of them is pictured. Be sure to click on it to view Ruth’s web pages and find all of the others. You’ll want to check the bargain prices and take advantage of them!

Leftovers by Ruth Klassen

Leftovers by Ruth Klassen

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Spotlight on Marilyn Quillen

April 29th, 2016 No comments


Spotlight on Marilyn Quillen

Spotlight on Marilyn Quillen

Although she has sewn all of her life, Marilyn took up quilting after retiring. Here is just one of the lovely quilts she has available. It is called Indigo Blues, and it is a queen-size quilt.

To see more of it and to view her other quilts be sure to click on the photo of her Indigo Blues. If you have any questions about her quilts. Marilyn will be happy to answer them forĀ  you.

Indigo Blue by Marilyn Quillen

Indigo Blues by Marilyn Quillen

New! – 2 Quilts by Barbara Buck

April 28th, 2016 No comments

Baby and Children’s quilts are our most popular, and Barbara Buck has 2 new ones for us! They are Baby Blessings Girl and Baby Blessings Boy.

If you are looking for a welcome gift for little ones, these two are it! You will be delighted by the loving messages on both. Be sure to click on both photos to view the closeups and read them!

Baby Blessings-Boy by Barbara Buck

Baby Blessings – Girl by Barbara Buck


Baby Blessings Boy by Barbara Buck

New! – Sunbonnet Sue’s Garden

April 27th, 2016 No comments

Deanna Jameson‘s newest quilt is a a darling and delightful Sunbonnet Sue quilt – Sunbonnet Sue’s Garden – in a baby, toddler or wall size. Not only will a baby girl or toddler love it, so will her parents! In fact, it makes a perfect gift for a baby shower or any other special baby or toddler occasion.

To buy it and to view closeups and details, be sure to click on its photo below.

Sunbonnet Sue's Garden by Deanna Jameson

Sunbonnet Sue’s Garden by Deanna Jameson